Spencer Moody, you picked the wrong girl to fuck with

Spencer Moody being an ass
Spencer Moody being an ass

So, I’m happily shooting the main stage at Sasquatch, minding my own business. I’m shooting the Murder City Devils. There are about 20 of us photographers in the pit. I should have known that things could get a little crazy after Spencer Moody, the Lead singer, starts on a log-ass heterosexual rant. He’s clearly quite agitated. I can’t remember the whole thing, but it ended with,

“A lot now, we play these shows in front of a lot of people, and I see a lot of gross, disgusting high school jocks in the audience. But what we do is for all the beautiful faggots, and the rest of you can all eat a big bowl of wet dicks.”

All righty, then.

Soon thereafter he proceeds to come down off the stage onto the large NIN equipment cases in the photo pit and grabs the back of my head and grinds it into his crotch for a good 10 seconds. I’m a pretty easy going gal, but be reasonable. Not only did he give me crotch burn on my forehead from rubbing into me so hard, but he also scratched my delicate fisheye lens. Minimally, wear soft pants if you’re going to be forcibly grinding people’s faces in your crotch, and preferably do it to a fan who chose to be there, rather than to a photographer who’s just doing her job. And why did you choose to pick on the female photographers (he pushed another woman after harassing me) when it’s the frat boys you’re pissed off at?

So although I was quite shaken, I tried not to get to pissed off. It makes for an interesting story to tell my grandchildren, I tell myself. I had a fisheye lens so I was able to capture the whole thing (The original images on flickr for your voyeuristic pleasure.) But most importantly, I just kept thinking of the dozens of awesome Seattle queers I’d met the other night at my BF Phil’s birthday bash. Those are the kind of gays I associate with Seattle. They’re big, lovable, loyal, hunky Eagle-lovin’ bears that read this blog and they’re my friends, Spencer Moody. They can always stop by Anne Bonny and let you know what they think of your behavior. They’ve got a good fifty pounds and six inches on you (both kinds, I’m sure.)


  1. hell, U cudda just beaned him with the camera body and saved the lens. by accident.
    the camera body can take a real beating.

  2. paige your completely right. i apologize. i dont know what else to say. i assure you i have no idea what was going on with me the other day and i hate to think of the negativity i brought into your day. you’re pictures are wonderful. you should be commended not assaulted. truly i am sorry.
    please feel free to re post this any place you feel appropriate and if any one gives you a hard time feel free to direct them to me.

  3. Yeah that was messed up that he did that to you, especially since a piece of his rant was about how girls need to respect themselves, etc.

    I did love that he was using his show to talk about an important issue though.

    are you posting any of your main stage crowd shots?

  4. Rough deal! great photos! I mean you always expect to have random things happen when you are in the pit. Random things like beer spillage, some one falling into you, at worst a wayward microphone, (which can really hurt) all collateral damage type things. You seem to be pretty cool about it all though I can’t say that I would be. 🙂

  5. I think, that you think too much, as do all the bloggers who commented on this incident. I don’t think Spencer really needs to appologize, because he was just living in the moment, be it under the influence or not. I think Spencer is a genuine guy, for better or worse. So fuck Sasquatch, and let’s get TOLSATD back in Seattle making more lovely noise.

  6. I’m glad you got an apology. After all is said and done, the pics are awesome!

  7. I’d been waiting 10 years to see MCD for the first time, and was looking forward to their set more than any other over the weekend. And while I’m neither a “disgusting jock” nor a “beautiful faggot”, I generally felt like I’d been slapped in the face (better than crotch grind to the face though). I’m sure Spencer doesn’t care wtf I think, but when you build a band up in your head and heart for so many years, walking away feeling despised is…sad. Oh well. I’d kick his ass in chess.

    Thanks for the awesome pics.

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