I recently had the pleasure of enjoying an evening of music at The Comet here in Seattle. You never know what you’re going to get at some shows. I’ve been underwhelmed by some local bands lately. But there are great ones out there as well.

Tea Cozies are a Seattle four-piece who play what they’ve adorably coined garagadelic janglepop, and I’m in love. Their debut album HOT PROBS is produced by none other than our dear friend, Erik Blood, and will drop in early May. Their infectious spirit and melodic songwriting will make your summer, I promise.

HOT PROBS shows that their live performance transfers well to record. When the album was first played for me, I was taken at how relentless it sounded. I even wondered if some of the songs could be shorter. After seeing them play live, I couldn’t imagine it! Without falling into the “jam band” category, they bring it down, pick it up and don’t bother setting it down too gently. Their performance was unpretentious, which I really appreciated.

I hear tones of Elastica or Lush on their early EP’s. Although they covered Elastica in their recent set, these three girls and one boy definitely have a sound all their own.

Tea Cozies upcoming shows: April 17th @ Kelly’s Olympian in Portland (w/Swallows) and May 1st @ The High Dive in Seattle (Album Release Party w/The Ironclads and Katharine Hepburn’s Voice)

download TEA COZIES – “PRETTY PAGES” mp3