Best Albums of 2008

Love them or hate them, there are tons of year end lists out there. No two are alike, there’s always some artist or band you’ve never heard of, and you always wonder, “how could they have missed my favorite record of the year”? Here’s what we loved this year.

Air France – NO WAY DOWN (extended play)

Sweden does it again. Balearic beats, Ibiza evenings and LOADS of clever samples are the combination that will have you wondering where that old Avalanches album is. Fans of Saint Etienne, Pet Shop Boys and Sarah Records take note. (Rough Trade)
download no-way-down.mp3 | myspace page


This is my absolute favorite of 2008. Auburn Lull is one of those unknowns I want everyone to know about. Swooning, breezy, waltz like melodies are the heart of this beautiful album. Their sound is pulled directly from space and peacefully placed into a dubby landscape. Fans of early Verve, Brian Eno, and Dazzle Ships-era O.M.D. must get this immediately. (Darla)
download grange-arcade.mp3 | myspace page

Erik Blood – THE WAY WE LIVE

This one isn’t fair – Erik is one of my best friends and his album isn’t officially released yet. I’ve listened to it as much as any of my other choices here and want you all to know about this fine piece of work. (Self Released)
download birch-effect.mp3 | myspace page

British Sea Power – DO YOU LIKE ROCK MUSIC?

I heard this referred to as the most overrated album of the year. That’s not a very nice thing to say! I don’t think BSP set out to make a concept album, but it brings to mind a code the Flaming Lips or Bunnymen might be able to crack. (Rough Trade)


Prefab fun for fans of musical equipment on auto-pilot. When I couldn’t decide what to listen to this past year, I chose this. (Modular)

Dungen – 4

This time around, Gustav gets it right with less adornment than on prior works. 4’s piano heavy, throwback production is easy on the ears and clocks in under 40 minutes. We love that it’s his 5th album! (Kemado)

Goldfrapp – SEVENTH TREE

Goldfrapp abandon the repetitive Gary Glitter/T Rex electrobore. We can’t be the only ones who wondered what happened after FELT MOUNTAIN!? (Mute

No Age – NOUNS

This one clocks in at 30 minutes. Without comparing them, this reminds me of when we first heard Doolittle, Loveless or Daydream Nation. DIY at its best. (Sub Pop)

Radiohead – IN RAINBOWS

This came out digitally at the end of 2007 but remained on repeat through most of 2008. (Self Released)

School of Seven Bells – ALPINISMS

Everything on this album is nailed down with spikes. Your inner Goth will thank you for going to the Projekt place. (Ghostly International)

Spiritualized – SONGS IN A&E

Just as heavy as you’d expect from Jason Pierce. Only this time it feels authentic. After all, a broken heart is no match for dying. (Fontana)

Heavy, Heavy Rotation:

Various Artisits – ECCENTRIC SOUL: THE YOUNG DISCIPLES (The Numero Group)

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – DAZZLE SHIPS Reissued (Virgin/Caroline)

The Raveonettes – BEAUTY DIES (Digital Only, Vice Records/The Orchard)

Studio – IMPOSSIBLE Remix (originally performed by Shout Out Louds)(Information)

Bullion Presents The Beach Boys vs. J Dilla – PET SOUNDS IN THE KEY OF DEE (Bootleg/Self Released)

Songs That Made Our Year:

The Mary Onettes – LOST, MGMT – KIDS, The Greencoats – HONEY, Airiel (featuring Ulrich Schnauss) – SUGAR CRYSTALS, Digitalism – POGO, Miracle Fortress – HOLD YOUR SECRETS TO YOUR HEART, The Cave Singers – ELEPHANT CLOUDS, Jens Lekman – A LITTLE LOST (Arthur Russell cover), Ladyhawk – PARIS IS BURNING/BACK OF THE VAN, Neon Neon – I LUST YOU, The Ting Tings – BE THE ONE/THAT’S NOT MY NAME

And Some Awesome Videos: