Best Coast – “The Only Place”

Okay, so this reminds me of one of those Visit California commercials.  You know, the impossibly white toothed Jay Leno, Rob Lowe or Vanessa Williams smashing cotton candy into thier faces on Santa Monica Pier, or hands raised on Big Thunder Mountain @ Disneyland.  It’s a bit cheeky and commercial, but as long as Bethany Cosentino doesn’t take it any further than this, we’ll keep letting her hang out at our table,  which isn’t the most popular anyway, so…

Unfortunately, we may have already lost her; it’s yet to be seen.  You see, Bethany has developed a new line of clothing for the evil Urban Outfitters.  A lot of fans might partner the recent bad press surrounding Urban Outfitters‘ nasty CEO, Richard Hayne along side the release of Bethany’s clothing line (and album release) once May rolls around.  All fans will have to do is open their facebook pages, really.  Urban Outfitters is widely known to have knocked off clothing, jewelry, and accessory designs from starving artists.  They are replicated and sold widely, thus sweeping the original thriving designer/newbie artist under the mat outside the back door.  Bethany seems to have kind of a DIY thing going, as do her tattooed, thrift shoppin’, Portlandia watchin’, Ready Made readin’, cat tumblrin’ fans.  One can only speculate how a clothing line produced by a large corporation could soil the every girl image she naturally pulls off, even bettering the once intriguing, now overbearing Zooey Deschanel (she was pretty annoying on SNL, right?).  We’re pretty sure the ink is dry on this one, but it would be promising to see the line pulled before it hits UO’s racks.

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