TCA Advent Calendar Day 15 – I Was Born On Christmas Day

Here’s our own version of an Indie Advent Calendar. I love Christmas music and I love covers, so our 2011 The Color Awesome Advent Calendar will give you 25 yummy Christmas covers.

Here’s a great cover by Flow Machines of St. Etienne’s “I Was Born On Christmas Day.”  Flow Machines are keeping their identity secret for now, and we think we know who it is.  I won’t even try to spoil the secret, especially since they’ve given us such a clever cover of one of our favorite St. Etienne songs!  If you’d like to download it, you can visit the Flow Machine’s site HERE.  There’s also an option of donating some money to charity, although the download is free either way.  Check out the video for the jump.  It’s filled with joyous retro imagery and will bring you a nog drinkin’ grin.


Flow Machines – “I Was Born On Christmas Day” (St. Etienne cover)

Flow Machines – I Was Born On Christmas Day by Flow Machines