Ghostly Discovery App for iPhone Is Frighteningly Good

I’ve become a bit of an Applications, or apps, nut recently.  There are some pretty amazing music making, and discovery apps out there.  Soundcloud and Spotify lead the way in the sharing and discovery department, but there are many others with a unique and specific approach which help fine-tuned music geeks and those looking for music within a certain genre a little more easy, but exciting at the same time.

One of today’s leading electronic labels, Ghostly International, has an app called “Ghostly Discovery” which is refreshingly original and is programmed by you, the user/listener.  Simply, Ghostly asks you to choose a mood which has a color associated with it.  Drag your Ghostly cursor to the appropriate mood, choose a tempo and how digital vs. organic you’d like it, and voila, a 20 song playlist which is frighteningly accurate to your demands begins to play.   Ghostly’s diverse roster is on display in its full glory here.  Com Truise, Dabrye, Matthew Dear, and Lusine are some of the artists I associate with Ghostly.  Since I’ve been using the app, I’ve discovered music by artists like Aeroc, The Sight Below (so good, by the way,) Michna, and JDSY from as far back as 2003 up to now.

As with many music programs, you can pick favorites, and shop iTunes from the app.  Unfortunately, you have to quit the app to get to iTunes, which is actually not the case when using other apps on your phone; it runs just fine in the background when checking facebook, e-mail, or my guilty pleasure – Words With Friends.  If you’re looking for something less than common, but mighty engaging and gorgeous, we can’t make a higher recongnition than the Ghostly Discovery app.  Now, where’s that amazing Factory Records app?  We’re looking at you, Rhino/Warner Special Products.

Screen shots of the app after the jump.