Soulwax Release Revolutionary Radio App

Awesome. Unique. Fun. Clever. Groundbreaking. There’s an app for that! Soulwax (aka 2 Many DJs) have released their eagerly awaited iPhone/iPad and Android app and it’s way more than a game changer. Radio Soulwax isn’t a disposable promotional gimmick to support a new release; it is the new release. I haven’t tried Björk’s new Biophilia app yet, but elements of it seem gimmicky. It’s supposed to “grow” as material gets released. And contains essays and… Oh who the hell are we kidding here? It’s gimmicky.

Whether Radio Soulwax turns out to be a stunt has yet to be seen. For now, I’m filing it under “Revolutionary.” To start with, it contains 24 podcasts with individual themes so unique (and educational) you’ll be using that handy button on the player which takes you back 30 seconds in the mix. The first episode, titled INTROVERSY contains 400 plus intros to songs you know and love but enough WTF’s to keep the snobbiest of listeners on their toes. And not to be outdone, each episode also contains a visual presentation that with the right apparatus can be displayed on a larger screen. The ones I’ve experienced so far take a Pythonesque (as in Monty) approach by animating the album covers of the song that’s playing at that point in the mix.