Diamond Rings Remix Rainbow: Raw Spectacle

There’s a great new remix of Miracle Fortress’ Raw Spectacle by Diamond Rings. Details via Diamond Rings:

Remix Rainbow is a six part series I’ve been working on as a thank-you to the group of artists whose recent work has brought me a sense of new-found inspiration. I’ll be releasing one remix for free download every Tuesday until June 21st, which is also the date my debut full length Special Affections is being re-released worldwide via Astralwerks. The artwork for each remix will represent a different colour of the Diamond Rings rainbow and when compiled together they’ll make a pretty cool sonic artifact for the digital age.

I can’t tell you all of the artists involved, but I can tell you that this week’s remix is “Raw Spectacle” from the latest Miracle Fortress album Was I The Wave? which was recently released by my OGs at Secret City in Montreal. If you haven’t heard this record yet I can assure you that it is phenomenally emotive and incredibly uplifting. The fact that MF’s mastermind Graham Van Pelt is a fantastic human being and an excellent teammate on the basketball courts just seals the deal.

Click to download: Remix Rainbow Part One – Raw Spectacle (Diamond Rings Remix)