Treasure Island Music Festival Countdown – LCD Soundsystem

It’s not too hard for me to pick which band at this year’s festival I’m most excited to see.  Every record James Murphy puts out is better and better.  The rumors that LCD are no more are kind of sad, but it looks like he has rescinded earlier remarks about calling it quits; I hope he doesn’t.

By the time LCD hit the stage on Saturday, we will have already experienced !!!, Die Antwoord, Four Tet, Deadmau5 and much more. The energy of the Treasure Island crowd paired with the high of playing the Hollywood Bowl the night before sounds like a recipe for mayhem!

I also happen to have a tiny crush on Mr. Murphy, so if you’re reading this (which I know you aren’t,) I’m going to hunt you down to try to get a photo.  So be nice to me when I do that, okay?  I’ll probably be flustered and shaking, so give me a hug to put me at ease and I will be all good.

LCD Soundsystem headline day one of the Treasure Island Music Festival on Saturday, October 16th.