Yazoo Announce Live Album

Vince Clarke, forming member of Depeche Mode, Yazoo and Erasure has revealed (foggy) details of a live Yazoo album. Clark and Alison Moyet hit the road nearly two years ago on their Reconnected tour. The pair have said that they haven’t individually spent much time listening to Yaz over the last twenty years and that revisiting old material was very nostaligic. Having seen the show myself, I was taken by how well the material has stood up so well for over 25 years. 80’s band are performing with few, one or sometimes none of the original band members, so my expectations were low. Hell, I wasn’t even really that big of a fan – Paige was! I was blown away at Moyet’s live voice and the overall simplicity of the stage set up. I even got choked up during one of my favorite songs by any band, “Too Pieces.” The following song, “In My Room” had the audience eating straight out of their hands; they could play shuffleboard for the rest of the evening and we would have loved it. 

Reconnected Live is expected sometime in September. 

Listen to the short piece about Vince’s Maine hideaway for his vintage synths and 4 year old kid, plus his mutual love for Howard Stern and Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate. 

“Too Pieces” live concert video from Reconnected after the jump.