Video: Death Cab for Cutie mini-concert at Seattle Mariners Opening Day Game

Last night, Death Cab for Cutie officially started the 2010 baseball season for the pacific northwest. They helped kick off off the Seattle Mariners home opener with two classic baseball tunes: John Fogerty’s “Centerfield” and and incredibly reverant “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” The foursome wore customized Mariners gear, with Gibbard sporting an old-school Mariners logo on his hat. They were clearly in a baseball state of mind.

In a pre-game interview, Gibbard told of his love of the Mariners ever since the Kingdome days in the early 80’s when he’d go to games with his dad. Surprisingly, Gibbard was almost unintelligible because he was sporting a lower-lip full of chew. Eeewwww! Not so sure wife Zoey would approve (I certainly don’t) but it might explain his habit of spitting profusely while performing live. Video of the interview and the performance (taped from TV) is embedded after the jump.

Pre-show interview with chew (yuck!)