Saint Etienne Reissue Tiger Bay and Finisterre

Saint Etienne is on a reissue roll. 2009 saw the release of deluxe new editions of Foxbase Alpha, Continental, So Tough, and Sound of Water. And on May 3, Heavenly/Universal Music Catalogue will reissue two more albums from the band’s vaults: 1994’s Tiger Bay and 2002’s Finisterre.

These reissues are both double CD editions, featuring the original UK version of the album on the first disc and a second disc of session tracks and B-sides. The new versions also include extensive liner notes, and there’s a limited edition version of Finisterre that includes the accompanying film of the same name on DVD.

Tracklists for both reissues follow.

Tiger Bay:


01 Urban Clearway
02 Former Lover
03 Hug My Soul
04 Like a Motorway
05 On the Shore
06 Marble Lions
07 Pale Movie
08 Cool Kids of Death
09 Western Wind / Tankerville
10 The Boy Scouts of America


01 Urban Clearway (demo) *
02 Black Horse Latitude *
03 I Buy American Records
04 Hate Your Drug
05 You Know I’ll Miss You When I’m Gone
06 Sushi Rider
07 Hug My Soul (demo) *
08 The Wedding of Stacy Dorning *
09 Deborah’s French Feast *
10 Western Wind (demo) *
11 Pale Movie (demo) *
12 La Poupee Qui Fait Non (No No No)
13 Highgate Road Incident
14 My Christmas Prayer
15 I Was Born on Christmas Day



01 Action
02 Amateur
03 Language Lab
04 Soft Like Me
05 Summer Isle
06 Stop and Think It Over
07 Shower Scene
08 The Way We Live Now
09 New Thing
10 B92
11 The More You Know
12 Finisterre


01 Primrose Hill
02 Anderson Unbound
03 Seven Summers
04 Gimp Crisis
05 Abby, I Hardly Know You
06 So Mystified *
07 White Dress *
08 Time and Tide
09 Shock Corridor
10 Stop and Think It Over (Kid Loco mix) *
11 Mountain Rain
12 Queen Of Polythene
13 Ballade De Saint Etienne
14 Stevie
15 Get It Together Again
16 Fascination
17 There There My Brigadier *

* Previously unreleased