IPMN KZSU: the ipickmynose sessions digital album. free!

Usually when a friend leaves town or a collegue leaves work , you get them a little something to say thanks. Sometimes the process gets flipped on it’s head. Case in point – Adrian from I Pick My Nose closed the doors and shuttered the windows and headed off to South Africa last week and is putting his great SF music blog, I Pick My Nose on indefinite hiatus. He’s such a swell guy that he took the time to present us all with a great parting gift, IPMN KZSU: the ipickmynose sessions digital album. It’s a digital compilation album with the best of the ipickmynose sessions from radio station KZSU. You can download it here. The artists include John Vanderslice, The Dodos, The Morning Benders and a whole lot more.

We’ll miss you Adrian, best of luck in South Africa!

Listen to John Vanderslice – “Dead Slate Pacific” (Live on KZSU)