R.I.P. New Order

It is fitting that I start this blog with a bit on my favorite band ever. I recently referred to the New Order reissues as “the most beautiful nail in the most beautiful coffin”. Peter Hook, who sang the first song on the first album, MOVEMENT wants the last word regarding the end of New Order. The very public rantings on his blog and fan sites make him sound like a crazy person. He might be bummed to know that the newly issued digital remasters of the best New Order albums (aka “The Factory Years”) may actually have the final, official word on the matter.

I know, I know, more New Order releases? Four greatest hits compilations and a box set weren’t enough? It’s hard for cash strapped fans to take. These five double CD’s are the Holy Grail for New Order fans who have been putting up with some pretty crap sounding albums for almost 30 years. In 1984, an album like POWER, CORRUPTION AND LIES sounded great on LP or cassette. Unfortunately, today’s digital audiences are subjected to classic albums which haven’t been properly mastered for the medium. I got hooked on the Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Human League and Depeche Mode digital remasters. These are bands I can hum backward and the obvious upgrade in sound was more than surprising. I didn’t think digital remastering would make much of a difference. I’m glad I was wrong. My wallet is not.


Enjoy this newish video for TEMPTATION. Look for the product placement!