THEESatisfaction Has Split

This was not a happy find in my inbox this morning.

“After seven years of creating, touring, pushing boundaries and breaking through glass ceilings, THEESatisfaction has decided to end the group. We have decided to grow and take our individual careers to the next level.

Having been on the road every year since our first with very few breaks, it is time for us to rest, reflect & grow independently. We are grateful to our family, friends, fans, our agent Robin Taylor and our recording label Sub Pop for the ongoing support.



On a brighter note, the ladies wanted us fans to know that Both Cat (SassyBlack) & Stas (Stas THEE Boss) are still creating and releasing music as well as gigging!

I, Cat, now go by SassyBlack. I still sing and rap and produce. Check out my latest album New Black Swing here. I’m also preparing to go on tour this fall so check out my Kickstarter campaign here and pledge a lil something.

Stas is still Stas THEE Boss and hosts KEXP Street Sounds. She has also released music including her latest project S’WOMEN.

Please continue to show love and support to Stas & I as we continue to grow and create. Look out for updates regarding both of out individual endeavors on the THEESatisfaction social platforms.

Much love.