COLORCAST – Erik Blood’s “Playful and Sexy” PORNCAST

Erik has been a huge supporter of ours for years.  As one of my best friends, he sort of has to, right?  I recently asked Erik if he’d like to be our first guest to create a COLORCAST to support his upcoming record, Touch Screens (August 7th, 2012). He was super excited to share some of the songs which inspired him to write Touch Screens, an album inspired by pornography, in all of its forms.  It’s not filthy, or anything like that, but definitely sounds dirty. Download or listen to Erik’s porn infused Playful and Sexy Porncast COLORCAST, and read along for his song by song commentary. NB, this COLORCAST contains two new songs from Touch Screens, as well as an exclusive track, “Poole.”  From Erik:

Here are some songs from dirty movies and some dirty songs that inspired me.

Erik Blood – LaBruce (full version)

George Duke – Faces in Reflection
– This song was featured in a really unspectacular little porno called Gladys’ All Girl Rock Group. I rewatched the scene this song was in several times just to hear it, then spent months trying to find out who it was. Thank you, Morgan Dontanville, for finding this for me.

Unknown Artist – Where Is the Girl?
– This is the theme song from my favorite dirty movie “Score” by Radley Metzger.  No one knows who the band is, not even Mr. Metzger himself, who reportedly heard this local band (I’m assuming in Croatia) at his hotel while filming.

Freescha – Come Good
– From the album “What’s Come Inside You”, this song is playfully sexy, like the “golden age” porn I tend to like and wrote about.

Alberto Baldan Bembo – Oblo
– From the movie “My Mother’s Friend”, which is a dirty Italian film from 1975.  Haven’t been able to find the movie, but by the sound of this song, you KNOW that shit’s nasty.

Prince – Rock Hard in a Funky Place
– Playful, sexy, Prince. This one has my favorite false ending ever. Also, it’s just a great song about having an erection in public.

Erik Blood – Poole

Barry Forgie – Hunted
– This one’s also from the movie “Score” and has an incredibly sexy sitar (or is it just cleverly recorded slide guitar?) and some hot bass and Rhodes action. Just do yourself a favor and rent the uncensored version of “Score”, already!

My Bloody Valentine – Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside)
– Nasty nasty nasty.  And no one seems to notice.

Ennio Morricone – Metti, Una Sera A Cena
– From the movie “Love Circle” (another I haven’t been able to get my hands on), the master Morricone gives us his finest aural orgasm.  Multiple, even.

Dr. Octagon – Girl Let Me Touch You
– The most pornographic song I’ve ever heard that has zero profanity. Good on ya, Kool Keith.

Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab – The Message
– From the smut-horror classic “Vampyros Lesbos” by Jesus Franco, this shit is too sexy. Aside from the oddly alluring demon voice saying “I am ecstasy” over and over, that sitar solo that kicks in at the end sends shivers. Very sexy, indeed.

Erik Blood – Today’s Lover

Thank you for listening.