James Cargill’s Children Of Alice to release Debut Album

No one seems to be freaking out about this, and y’all should be freaking out!!! Or not.

On the 24th of February, Warp Records will release the debut album from Children Of Alice. Children Of Alice is a collaborative project consisting of Broadcast’s James Cargill, frequent collaborator Roj Stevens and Julian House (Ghost Box Records, The Focus Group)

Children Of Alice is named as a tribute to Cargill’s former Broadcast co-founder and partner Trish Keenan. Keenan cited Alice In Wonderland, and specifically Jonathan Miller’s 1960s film adaptation, as a primary inspiration. Broadcast ended in 2011 after Keenan’s tragic death at 42.


01. ‘The Harbinger Of Spring’
02. ‘Rite Of The Maypole — An Unruly Process’
03. ‘Invocation Of A Midsummer Reverie’
04. ‘The Liminal Space’