Aerofall – Breathe So Better

Okay, ‘gazers, this is the one. Check out some more Russian free fall shoegazin’. Our dearest Andrew Prinz produced it, and there’s some major female power behind this one. The future is female, and thus […]

Cool Stuff

MIT Media Lab’s Disobedience Award

“The Media Lab Disobedience Award seeks to highlight effective, responsible, ethical disobedience across disciplines (scientific research, civil rights, freedom of speech, human rights, and the freedom to innovate, for example). Disobedience Award objectives are to […]


They Called Him Zone – Only You

Found this catchy throwback tune and accompanying video in my inbox this morning. They Called Him Zone’s singer and producer – Mik Davis, in new to my ears. They Called Him Zone are currently working […]


The Unlikely Renaissance of Slowdive

Photograph: David Levene for the Guardian Nice to see Slowdive getting some delayed recognition. Check out the recent Slowdive interview over at The Guardian. “Twenty years after a Britpop-obsessed music press drove them out of […]


The return of Supercuts, now in PDX

Supercuts is back! An evening of post punk, goth, camp, soul, and whatever else DJ UpAbove feels like playing. It’s free, and it’ll be a super blast! Join sexy bartenders, and an even sexier DJ. […]


He Will Not Divide Us

In the ten minutes I have been watching the He Will Not Divide Us live feed, I’ve seen: A self-declared “16-year old fat Jew” and a “Palestinien” recite un unison “He Will Not Divide Us” […]