Thee Satisfaction – QueenS Video

Back in late January, Queens Thee Satisfaction put out a casting call for their first music video, “QueenS” from AwE NaturalE (directed by Dream Hampton).  Here is the result in all of its gorgeous, powerful, and feminine GLORY!  Stas and Cat are representing Seattle in a hardcore way right now, and just about everyone here is rooting for them.  I’m not besties or anything with these ladies, but I’ve hung with them a few times through mutual friends.  They are definitely doing their own thing, with a little help from some very close friends who they trust with their sound.  I can be in the room with musicians and pop stars, but when I’m around Thee Satisfaction, I feel like I’m in the room with Royalty; I can barely bring myself to say a simple hello!  Not that they’re scary, I’m just starstruck.  I’m that way with Seattle’s Stephanie as well; it’s part of who I am and I’m proud to be a bit of a weirdo.  Like the girls say, “You better bring yourself, but whatever you do, don’t funk with my Groove.”

AwE NaturalE featuring “QueenS” is out now on Sub Pop

Image is a still from the music video for “QueenS” directed by Dream Hampton