Mahogany Reappear With “Keystone Sonata, Arrangement VII” Video

We gush over a lot of bands at The Color Awesome, but Mahogany is straight up, hands down, and flat out, my favorite band of the last 20 years.  Their originality and positivity has inspired, even educated me.  Just researching some of their earliest song titles, (Nelly Van Doesburg, Anais No. 4, Il Dynamo De Luce) I was able to fill in the blank modern art elements (neo-plasticism, De Stijl, futurism) my mental Rolodex was saving room for.  Although we’ve never met (which will change very soon), I’ve struck up a friendship with Andrew Prinz over the years.  His a very kind gentleman, with an ace up his sleeve.  Mahogany has taken many forms since its inception in 1995.  All projects are well thought out, and take time to complete.  There is no need for them to have the next alternative radio hit, or to be a part of the music machine, which is currently failing; leaving artists completely in charge of their destiny.  It’s been five years and change (lots of change) since we last heard from Mahogany.  Things are different now.  There is love, there is renewal, there is hope.  “Keystone Sonata, Arrangement VII” is the result of these ideas, any many more.  Prepare yourself for something, that’s like NOTHING out there right now.

Mahogany play SXSW at midnight on March 14th, 2012 at the Karma Lounge.  Electric Prisms is forthcoming.  May we recommend a listen to Connectivity!, The Dream of a Modern Day, or Memory Column?

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