New To Us + 1 “Message=Message”

+1 – message = message from math tinder on Vimeo.

This came to us late last year and we forgot how much we loved it! We say it all the time around here, we get a lot of mail from bands and labels who think we might be interested. It’s crap most of the time, sorry, but this stood out.

We’ve never heard of them, but we love the sound of this. It’s got a fresh, demo like quality to it. It immediately sounded like a marriage of Chris + Cosey with a dash of Stephin Merritt’s 6ths, which means we immediately cuddled up to it. From the Mountain Fighting site:

+1’s first video “Message = Message” sees math performing a ceremony, conducting light magick, over the course of a ritual that takes place in San Francisco’s Stern Grove Park. The song brings to mind echos of early 90s electronic club music, and early 80s new wave techno Yaz, New Order, Animal Collective and Tough Alliance, with a lyrical punk aesthetic. This is the first single from the forth coming album “Light Trash” to be released on Mountain Fighting.

We’re looking forward to more.  Thanks to plus +1 in advance for forgetting about you!  We didn’t mean it!  Download “Message=Message” by +1