Mahogany Signs To BLVD Label, Readies New EP

Here’s a band we don’t get to talk about much.  It’s been five years since Mahogany released the essential Connectivity! and it’s been a long wait for yours truly. Mahogany have released two proper albums and a collection of singles and rarities which roughly translates to 50 songs over a period of nearly 15 years.  For me, a band-sanctioned “superfan,” their music is the soundtrack to my life.  Along with New Order and My Bloody Valentine, they are among my favorite bands of all time.

Mahogany saw the back end of the music industry earlier this year with a split from their long time “label,” Darla Records.  Andrew Prinz, who is the constant in Mahogany, had done so much to help Darla make a name for themselves.  It was more than just Mahogany’s musical vision, Andrew also designed sleeves and posters for them.  The details aren’t really any of our business, but Darla will feel the back of Mahogany’s hand in due time.  And really, who needs Darla anyway?

We were thrilled to hear that Mahogany has signed to the newly minted BLVD label.  Along with long time friend and collaborator, Scott Cortez (loveliescrushing and BLVD’s new Astrobright,) Mahogany join New Canyons on BLVD.  With close connections to other artists and what looks like a friendlier relationship with the label, Mahogany looks to have found a comfy new home.  We’ll keep you posted, and I’m sure well be among the first to bring you more details of the long awaited Electric Prisms EP.

For long time (or newly curious) fans of Mahogany, there are a few exclusive pieces in their new boutique.  Along with probably the last CD few copies of their first release, The Dream of a Modern Day, there is a limited edition badge and patch (I bought two of each!).  Photos of the merch and some youtube vids of Mahogany, New Canyons and Astrobright after the jump.

Raw Polaroid photograph of Mahogany’s Andrew Prinz and Jaclyn Slimm by Douglas Mellor.