Do This! Ononos + Reporter At The Comet = October 6th 2011

Get out of the house this Thursday for a don’t/can’t miss show at the legendary Comet Tavern in Seattle! Portland’s reigning dance champs Reporter and Seattle’s most unique and mysterious act, Ononos are going to throw the f*ck down. They’ll be joined by Boyz IV Men. Reporter is my current band crush. They’re cute as hell and when you end up at one of their shows, you feel like you’ve been kissed by Disco Doves. Ononos are the next band primed to explode out of Seattle, and the Comet will barely hold them and their fans; it’s bound to be one of those shows where you’ll be proud to say you were there. So join me this Thursday, October 6th and let’s dance! If you’re in Portland and reading this, Wednesday the 5th will contain the same bill at a FREE show at the always amazing Holocene.

Reporter and Ononos vids after the jump.  Photo by Phil P.

ONONOS–NononO from tyler bosch on Vimeo.