Karl + Courtney

I don’t know why it never occurred to me not to post this sooner!  “The Dark Night Of The Soul” is a short film commissioned by Courtney “you can’t take the gutter out of the girl” Love. Michael Mouris has done a fantastic job of nailing Courtney’s fashion evolution. It starts with Karl Lagerfeld counseling Courtney on the pitfalls of “The Kook” and continues into a dream where Courtney searches for the mystery of how she turned out so kooky. “Why can’t I be dignified like Chris Martin from Coldplay?” she ponders.  Self discovery and acceptance come in the form of a taupe, or is it caramel, Birkin Bag.  Courtney lends her voice to this mostly animated flick and besides Karl, there are cameos from André Leon Talley and Michael Stipe.  Courtney puts herself on the chopping block here with hilarious, sometimes touching results. Ultimately, you’ll be falling off your futon laughing – enjoy it, it’s probably the only time she’ll appreciate such ribbing.  Oh, and as is to be expected, there is some strong language.  Your boss will appreciate your using headphones…

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  1. Oh, that is too amazing! Courtney Love is a rock goddess! “Oh my god. What is this? It’s Mother Fuckin’ BIRKIN BAGG!” Too great! 😀

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