Joy Division “Transmission” (Playmobil version)

Playmobil sets are perfect for building pastoral farm scenes, street setups and, apparently, for recreating Joy Division performances. In this clip, a collection of the plastic figurines are clustered together on a near-exact replica of the Something Else studios to recreate the legendary post-punk outfit’s video for “Transmission.”

It’s pretty incredible how accurate some of the cuts are, from the Ian Curtis robotic dance moves to the introduction of the group at the beginning of the vid. The bearded utility worker figure makes for the perfect Peter Hook, but the Curtis clone leaves a little to be desired. Looking a leftover figurine from Playmobil’s foray into Beatlemania, the collectible looks more like a poor man’s Paul McCartney than the jittery singer he’s portraying.

Aesthetic appeal aside, man, can that piece of plastic move. Check out both the new clip and the original below.

Thanks to the Riverfront Times for the tip.

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