The Flaming Lips resolve to release ‘a song a month’ in 2011

Feeling a wee bit ambitious, are we Wayne? Well color me suitably impressed. The Flaming Lips have begun recording new material, with frontman Wayne Coyne confirming that they’re planning to release these new creations in an unorthodox way.

“With this new thing, we’re going to spend a lot of time recording at our houses or wherever we are at,” he told Rolling Stone. “We’ll try to release a song a month and document the song in the making, whether it takes us three or five days or a week. It’s gonna be, ‘We’re working on a song and it’s gonna be up by Friday’. We just want to [release new material] some other way.”

Coyne has been toying with the idea of releasing the tracks in association with children’s toys. Perhaps it will be like a Flaming Lips Happy Meal?

“The dilemma is whether we’re going to release it on vinyl, cereal boxes or some of it on toys that we make,” he said. “I’ve been dealing with a guy who flies to China and Korea six times a year and he’s always making these new fantastic looking toys and having companies manufacture them.”

Coyne added that the band are set to work with producer Dave Fridmann again on the new material. They are also planning to release videos alongside each individual song, with an aim to provide “a bigger movie” of the project.