On The Record: Shannon Funchess talks to Sadie Magazine

Photo by Jason Rodgers

Shannon Funchess talks to Sadie Magazine about vulnerability and her new project, Light Asylum:

“Everybody needs an outlet, a creative outlet to be exact. Without it I wouldn’t even know what I was supposed to be doing on this planet. I mean, maybe I would find other ways to reach people and help people—and I would still like to do that, get involved in the community and do some service. But as far as vulnerability and daily issues of facing an audience or presenting music to an audience whether it’s live or [from] recordings—it’s a constant need to expose myself and to share with other people my experiences and my perception of life through a creative vein.

I do feel vulnerable at times and I try to be constructive and tell a story and take people somewhere, take them on a journey, whether it’s the set list, the cadence, the flow. [I try] to be conscious of what I put out there . . . With Light Asylum, we started working together, period. We got together one day in May 2009 and in a matter of months, we had already played so many shows. We had only been playing together for maybe two weeks before we played our first show. That right there is vulnerability and exposing oneself.

Anybody who makes music or is a perfectionist would know, wow, they have only been together for a hot second! I surprised myself by being able to pull that off, being vulnerable. I wish more people would. I think there would be a lot better music and art in the world if people exposed their true selves, [their] multifaceted selves.”

Read the entire Interview at Sadie Magazine.

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