Treasure Island Wrap Up

Before I go any further, I have to say – Get your ass to the Treasure Island Music Festival at least once.  This festival has “it”; and on every level.  Tickets are limited, so unless you want to be pressed up front, there is plenty of room.  There are 13 bands each day and there is always music going; when one band ends on the Bridge Stage, another begins on the Tunnel Stage.  It’s small enough that you can walk around and still experience the music – and who really needs to stand facing forward watching Four Tet (who was brilliant by the way) juggle his technology table?  Dance, walk around, visit the stool shed (give that one a minute, it’ll come to you.)  I guess what I’m saying is that if you don’t want the stress of trying to see 70 acts a day, for three days, then this is your festival.

Day one was (and traditionally is) the pop/electro/dance/hip hop day.  I called the band of the day, Die Antwoord a while back and they brought it and more.  This is NOT Spinal Tap.  In fact, Die Antwoord have the same endearing quality that the classic short film Heavy Metal Parking Lot has.  The viewer can plainly see aesthetics which are fun to make fun of, but can also see the passion which lay beneath the mullet.  Die Antwoord are to be taken as seriously as they take themselves; they have a message, but have fun delivering it.  My old ass was up front jumping like a crazy person; it was involuntary, I was possessed.  If Ninja (I know, guys) and Yolandi are reading this – thanks for one of the highlights of my year.  Fun, honest and compared to most of the other bands at the festival, unpretentious.  Great work!

Day one also had plenty of new local discoveries!  Bay Area up and comers Wallpaper were a great start to the day.  Their song about pre partying before the actual party (aka the prefunc) was as fun and infectious as “Dick In A Box” which I suspect they may have actually been going for.  The duo’s singer, Eric Frederic (see?) has a tongue in cheek Justin Timberlake quality about him.  It was just after noon and I was shakin’ my butt like it was 2 A.M.  Just one look at my program reminded me to pace myself, drink plenty of water and eat when I felt like it; LCD Soundsytem, !!!, Deadmau5, and nine other acts were still  in line.

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