Mirrors Is Your New Favorite Synth-Pop Band

Uh oh, it’s a new band crush.  I came across Mirrors when I found out about them opening for OMD‘s upcoming tour.

I instantly fell in love with the the b-side to their very good new single, “Ways To An End” – it’s called “Broken By Silence.”  I’m not able to post it here, but seek it out and thank me later.  So good.

In the meantime, download an “early” single, “Look At Me” and check out the super cool video for “Ways To An End” after the jump.

At first listen (and sight) these gentlemen will be as popular as Franz Ferdinand and Interpol.  They’ve got the look, the style, but the music is a far cry from the guitar pop of theses bands.  Instead, fans of New Order, OMD and Kraftwerk will love the swirly, over the top, layered production of straight up electronic pop hooks.  I’ve always loved a sequenced sound that’s nailed down with spikes – and Mirrors nail it.

“Ways To An End” ep is available for a steal at iTunes now.
download Look At Me