Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti Nails It In Seattle

Well, it’s been a week now and I’m still reeling from Ariel Pink‘s show here in Seattle.  I had heard reports from one Paige Parsons that their San Francisco gig just days earlier was a little dodgy.  I’d also recently heard from an acquaintance that Mr. Pink tends to have a bit of a temper and can be kind of a dick sometimes.  If I believed everything I heard about pop stars I’d probably hate every band out there!  Ian McCulloch has made a career out of being a jerk, and still, he’s no Mark Kozelek.  I guess what I’m saying is; don’t always believe what you hear.  Unless it’s from us, of course.

I feel like a bit of a late comer to the whole Ariel Pink thing.  I mean none of my music geek friends were listening to him.  Also, just as there are too many bear (grizzly, in heaven, minus the,) deer (tick, hunter, tracks) and beach (fossils, house – okay, I’m done here) bands, so is the case with the Pinks (mountaintops, the big, vicious.)  It’s hard out there!  But out of the Pink’s I’ve listed here, it looks like Ariel Pink has been around the longest.  And boy am I glad I got into them!

Usually bands tend to play songs from the current album they’re touring for.  I’m always looking forward to my favorite; I’m surprised how often I’m let down.  And even though Haunted Graffiti didn’t play ‘Beverly Kills’ or ‘Revolution’s A Lie,’ two faves from the current album, Before Today, there was no cause for complaint.  In fact, it was a treat to hear so many great songs I hadn’t heard before delivered with passion and humor from a bonafide weirdo (I’ve said it before, that’s a GOOD thing!)  My pal Erik and I have spent the better part of the last week blowing our emusic credits and going record shopping for the Ariel Pink back catalog.  My current favorites include ‘Politely Declined,’ ‘Strange Fires,’ and ‘The List (My Favorite Song)’ just to name a few.

If Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti is coming to your town, I highly recommend going to see them; if only for the pleasure of of being in the same room as Haunted Graffiti band member, the goofily adorable Kenny Garret.  And beware, I love supporting artists at the merch table but that evening’s prices were a little over the top.  I was five bucks short for two records which totaled $45.00 and they wouldn’t take the $40 for them. I ended up with nothing, which I regret; it was hard to pick between the two after all those beers!  Crushes and gripes aside, it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.  I’ve got my site set for their upcoming Paramount show with Flaming Lips if I can come up with the dough!

(Pix from San Francisco show at Bimbos.)