Bunnymen’s post-Coachella tour emerging: SF, Reno, NYC

If you lie to me, I'll tell the truth about how ugly you can be. (by gussifer | thecolorawesome.com)With much whining, and fingerpinting, last fall Echo & The Bunnymen abruptly canceled their fall tour, blaming it on unreasonable 30% IRS withholdings. Well unlike me, evidently the IRS has given the Bunnymen a redo, and they are once-again set to unveil a “large” post-Coachella tour of the U.S. next week, although a trio of dates — April 18 in Reno, April 19 in San Francisco and May 1 in New York City — already have already gone on sale. While the band’s site simply says the Bunnymen will tour the U.S. following their April 16 slot at Coachella, on Friday, the band warned on its forum, “Please don’t start booking flights … for the leaked dates as lots of bits of paper still need signing. The dates are hopefully going to be announced on Monday.” Monday’s almost over in the UK, so I guess that announcement has slipped.

Echo & The Bunnymen U.S. tour dates (so far):

April 16: Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, Indio, CA
April 18: Celebrity Showroom at The Nugget, Reno, NV
April 19: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
May 1: Irving Plaza, New York, NY