Bunnymen Premier First Fountain Single: ‘Think I Need It Too’

will-guitar‘Think I Need It Too’ is the brilliant new single from the mighty Echo & The Bunnymen, and the first release from their forthcoming album ‘The Fountain’. It’s a joyous, uplifting, utterly infectious slice of luscious pop and Mac’s voice sounds stronger than ever.

“I’m just a better writer and better singer these days,” he says. “My voice has got more… honest.” The B side will be a new track entitled ‘November’. The single’s widescreen, crystalline sound is the work of Scottish producer John McLaughlin, who produced the whole album, and whose credits may come as a surprise to some Bunnymen fans. “He’s done work with Busted and Five, who I loved!” smiles Mac. “I just became really good friends with him. I really wanted a big, solid undertow beneath the lyrics.

The single debuted Thursday on the BBC’s Channel6 Roundtable.

You can listen to the new single, ‘Think I Need It Too’ on the band’s myspace page.

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