Playlist: June 6th Sirius XMU Download 15

ipod-radioI know it’s hard to believe but ten days later I’m still spending 99% of my time editing Sasquatch pictures, but here is this week’s Sirius XMU Download 15 playlist. Jake Fogelnest picks ’em and plays ’em, and I scribble down the track names and search for the links online. A match made in heaven. Now back to the pictures…

Here’s the Download 15 for June 6th. This is our 11th weekly installment! Unusual this week is that for the first time an artist has two tracks in the download 15. Thanks for the appreciative comments – keep ’em coming. Full track list after the jump.

Sirius XMU Download 15 for Saturday, June 6th, 2009

  1. Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear
    listen to Two Weeks | buy | vist myspace
  2. Lisztomania by Phoenix
    listen to Lisztomania | buy | visit myspace
  3. Wilco (The Song) by Wilco
    listen to Wilco (the song) | buy | visit website

  4. The Reeling by Passion Pit
    listen to The Reeling | buy | visit myspace

  5. Stillness is the Move by Dirty Projectors
    listen to Stillness is the Move | buy | visit myspace
  6. While You Wait For The Others by Grizzly Bear
  7. Sacred Trickster by Sonic Youth
    listen to Sacred Trickster
    | buy | myspace
  8. Summertime Clothes by Animal Collective
    listen to Summertime Clothes | buy | visit myspace

  9. Audacity Of Huge by Simian Mobile Disco
    listen to Audacity Of Huge | buy | visit myspace

  10. Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    listen to Heads Will Roll | buy | myspace
  11. Fun That We Have by Julian Plenti
    listen to Fun That We Have | buy | visit homepage

  12. Satellite Skin by Modest Mouse
    listen to Satellite Skin | buy | visit myspace

  13. Folding Chair by Regina Spektor
  14. Psychic City by YACHT
  15. Ecstatic Pearl by Jemina Pearl

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  1. Ok there is a song I have heard on XMU and cannot for the life of me figure out or remember who sings it. So maybe you can help me.

    Its a very mellow song and most of the lyrics are repeating “It’s going away”…help!?

  2. Thanks for taking the time to list this – since sirus xmu does not list it on their website. Now I’m turning into a regular reader of the color awesome.

    Just found you guys through a search! Keep it up

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