Your Must Five List

Sorry for the recent lack of posts from me – busy with LOTS.

This will be a regular feature! I’ll be pointing you in the direction of new music you must hear immediately. This week we have a superstar, a legend, a kid in his bedroom, an inspired collaboration and a new WARP Records signing.

Jarvis Cocker, Superstar – “You’re In My Eyes (Discosong)”
Jarvis whispers his way through this future classic featuring a sample from Glass Candy‘s “Rolling Down The Hills”.
Listen here

J Dilla, Legend – “Reality Check” (featuring Black Thought)
This is the first taste of J$P, the Pete Rock produced selection of Dilla’s work selected by Pete Rock and Dilla’s mother, Maureen Yancey.
Listen here

Dead Mellotron, A kid in his bedroom – “I Hate The Way Things Are”
Don’t let the title fool you, this is some beautiful stuff.  It sounds kind of like Mogwai if they were on WARP Records.  Get the whole thing – it’s completely free on his myspace page!
Listen/Download here

School of Seven Bells/Jesu, An inspired collaboration – “Face To Face On High Places (Jesu Remix)
Two of my favorite breakthroughs from the last couple of years together.  So lovely.
Listen here

Bibio, new WARP Records signing – “Ambivalence Avenue” album sampler.  This comes out later in July, but you can listen to this “mash-up” of all the songs on the forthcoming album.  It’s really no wonder Bibio was picked to be on WARP, it jumps from Dilla to Aphex to Animal Collective types of samples and way cool edits.
Listen here