Au Revoir Simone Debuts New Album, Purchase For Free

au-revoir-simone-still-night-still-lightAu Revoir Simone’s Still Night, Still Light is set to drop next week. Can’t wait? You can stream the whole album right now via their Myspace page.

I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but love what I’ve heard so far. Twinkly, breezy, sweet little pop songs, just perfect for these breezy spring days. Not convinced? Well, starting next Tuesday, you can click over to and purchase the album for a whopping $0.00. Yes, free! Like all tracks, the price will start at $0.00 and increase up to $7.98 over the first month. You can catch Au Revoir Simone live in San Francisco at Bimbos on June 13th, or in Seattle at Neumo’s on the 16th. Hope to see you there!

Download: Au Revoir Simone – All or Nothing