Friday’s Random Rollup


bullet-45How about this for a random twitter #followfriday ?Rania Al Abdullah, Queen of Jordan, joined the tweeting masses yesterday. Follow her at @QueenRania (via TechCrunch)

bullet-45Expenses tight? Build your own cigarbox guitar or ukulele. These homemade instruments make some damn fine music in the hands of Keni Lee Burgess and Shelley Rickey. (via BoingBoing)

bullet-455 Minute Ice Cream sounded too good to be true. The verdict? Seems like it’s more like a high-fat smoothie, but it’s still yummy and quick. (Instructables via LifeHacker)

bullet-45Paige’s second “twat of the week” award goes to Todd Marcum, recently arrested for shocking his kids with an electric dog colar ‘Because He Thought It Was Funny” (via Gizmodo)

bullet-45All you Trekkies can now get your geek on by specifing your Google Calendar events in “Stardate Time” (via TechCrunch)

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