New Michel Gondry Video Collection: Michel Gondry 2: More Videos Before & After DVD 1

Michel Gondry's 2nd Video CollectionWe here at The Color Awesome heart all the discs in the The Director’s Label series, which was co-owned by Gondry. Unfortunately it appears that this great series of discs has reached an end. It makes sense then that Gondry would forge ahead and compile and collate a second disc of his time bending mind altering music videos.

Gondry’s new collection of videos, “Michel Gondry 2: More Videos Before & After DVD 1,” is finally available as of today exclusively on Michel and features videos from Beck’s “Cellphone’s Dead,” The White Stripes “The Denial Twist” (which featured Conan O’Brien) Björk’s “Declare Independence,” and Radiohead’s “Knives Out.” The disc is DVD, NTSC, Open Region according to the website.

The new DVD is chock full ‘o extras as well. It’s got The Simpson’s The White Stripes parody “The Hardest Button to Button”, Gondry jamming with 60’s music legend Booker T, the director’s famed Rubik’s Cube tricks, and several other fun bits. Entire tracklist after the jump.

Michel Gondry 2: More Videos Before & After DVD 1:

Music Videos:

01 Michael Andrews [ft. Gary Jules]: “Mad World”
02 Paul McCartney: “Dance Tonight” *
03 Thomas Dolby: “Close But No Cigar”
04 Björk: “Declare Independence” *
05 Steriogram: “Walkie Talkie Man” *
06 The Willowz: “I Wonder”
07 Beck: “Cellphone’s Dead” *
08 The White Stripes: “The Denial Twist” *
09 Donald Fagen: “Snowbound”
10 Cody ChesnuTT: “King of the Game”
11 Sinead O’Connor: “Fire On Babylon”
12 Queen [ft. Wyclef Jean, Pras and Free]: “Another One Bites the Dust”
13 Radiohead: “Knives Out” *
14 Dick Annegarn: “Soleil du Soir”
15 Sananda Maitreya: “She Kissed Me”
16 Sheryl Crow: “A Change Would Do You Good”
17 The Black Crowes: “High Head Blues”
18 Leafbirds: “It Can All Be Taken Away”
19 The Rolling Stones: “Gimme Shelter”
20 Energy Orchard: “How the West Was Won”

* Features behind-the-scenes footage.

Other Work:

01 “The Simpsons” White Stripes Parody
02 Booker T and The Michel Gondry’s
03 Michel Gondry Solves a Rubik’s Cube With His Feet
04 Michel Gondry Solves a Rubik’s Cube With His Nose
05 Jack Black Beats Michel Gondry With His Rubik’s Cubes
06 Herve Di Rosa: “Viva Di Rosa”
07 Conan & The Big Head
08 Paul Gondry’s The Willowz: “Take A Look Around”
09 How To Blow Up A Helicopter (Ayako’s Story)
10 Forum Des Images: “L’ Histoire De L’Univers”