Happy 420! New Video – Family Guy “Bag of Weed”

420Happy 420, everyone!

I really wanted to drive down to Porter Meadow at UC Santa Cruz photograph their annual “420 Celebration“, especially since it’s 90 degrees here in Palo Alto today. However, there are some photoshoots you just shouldn’t take your kids to and this would definitely be one of them.

So in the spirit of the day, I give you the new ditty from Family Guy, “Bag of Weed”. Usually Family Guy’s humor is just a tad too mean for my tastes, but this one is a hoot. Stewie shows Brian how to get people to fight for his cause to the tune of Mary Poppins “Step in Time.” Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s “Me Ole Bamboo. This is sure to be a classic. This is the full official high-quality video, not just an mp3 with poor graphic stills slapped on.

Many thanks to flickr user foxtounge for the creative commons licensed image above.


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