British Sea Power Score Man Of Aran

man-of-aranFrom the British Sea Power blog:

British Sea Power have written and recorded a new soundtrack for the 1934 film Man Of Aran. The film is being re-released on DVD with the new BSP soundtrack – a release which will be preceded by the band performing the soundtrack live to the film at BFI Southbank on 23 April. The BSP Man Of Aran package includes two discs – the re-scored Man Of Aran DVD, plus the soundtrack by itself on CD.

“It’s a wonderful film,” says BSP guitarist Noble. “The images vary between huge drama and a brilliant kind of ridiculousness – check out the amazing foot-wide bobbled berets that the fishermen wear. It’s a great look, like a 1930s Irish version of Jack White or Kraftwerk. It’s a film that’s also relevant to the current era – a time when the idea of living a simpler life is in the air. The film shows something I’d like to think I could do, but know I never will.”
Man Of Aran is a powerful and provocative dramatised documentary from the late American filmmaker Robert J Flaherty. In a series of startling black-and-white sequences the film presents daily life on the inhospitable Aran islands on the west coast of Ireland. The film was both celebrated and controversial on its release.
The package includes three versions:

* Studio Version in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and 2.0 Stereo.
* Original Edinburgh Film Festival live performance in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
and 2.0 Stereo.
* Bonus Soundtrack in 2.0 Stereo – an abstract ambient piece from Yan.

01. Man Of Aran
02. The South Sound
03. Come Wander With Me
04. Tiger King
05. The Currach
06. Boy Vertiginous
07. Spearing The Sunfish
08. Conneely Of The West
09. The North Sound
10. Woman Of Aran
11. It Comes Back Again
12. No Man Is An Archipelago

You can pre-order your copy of Man of Aran here.


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