penetration2I’ve heard it said that everyone in Seattle wants to be a DJ. I don’t see that as a problem! Anybody into music should try it once. At some of my first DJ gigs, I had promoters and future fellow DJ’s puzzled at my set up and technique. I’d precariously balance turntables in the wrong position on the coffin and couldn’t figure out a cross fader! It’s a good thing my taste spoke louder than these early flubs. My advice to anyone who wants to DJ is to really share your music collection with the listeners. Pretend you are in your living room playing records for friends!

There are some new kids on the hill called Dumb Eyes. They are a multidisciplinary collective who specialize in mind altering graphic/web/interactive design. Their new venture is called Penetration, an audio/visual experience which transforms whatever venue they set up in. The newly relocated Bus Stop on Seattle’s Capitol Hill will be their venue for the foreseeable future.

When you arrive, you’ll be mesmerized by the psychedelic visuals which require complimentary custom Dumb Eyes prismatic glasses. You’ll probably see some kids smoking outside wearing them! Once inside, what you’ll really notice is Christian Dumb Eyes’ genre-hopping, perfectly paced DJ set. I’ve heard him drop everything from Schoolhouse Rock and rare Argentinean disco gems to album cuts by Altered Images and Roxy Music. The first time I heard Christian play music was at a New Year’s Eve party this year. He hooked up his iPod, and threw the fuck down! He had one music source and no cross fader. He had only his musical taste and a living room of revelers who were ready to dance. I’m not overstating when I say it was magical and a night I won’t soon forget!

The next Penetration will be on Thursday, April 9th from 9 PM to 2AM at The Bus Stop, 1552 E. Olive Way at Denny.

Learn more about Dumb Eyes!

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